Strategic Human Resource Management And Business Leadership

รายละเอียด Strategic Human Resource Management And Business Leadership

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This training course is designed to support HR leaders and professionals in their quest for best practices that will be more beneficial to their organization’s human resources and for the achievement of business targets. By providing them with a better understanding of how to be both strategic and human-centered in their HR strategies and initiatives, and giving them opportunities to explore various frameworks, tools, and techniques, they will be able to translate strategic thinking into actionable outcomes that will make all stakeholders happy.

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Course sessions:

1. Session on Practicing Strategic and Human-Centered HR Management

Module 1: Being Strategic and human-centered in HRM

Module 2: Fostering a culture of innovation, resilience and engagement

Module 3: Transforming the HR functions through digital application

Module 4: Wrap-up and next steps

2. Session on Performance Management

Module 1: PM concepts and models

Module 2: Developing high-potential employees

Module 3: Employee experience and engagement

Module 4: Application of gender, equality and social inclusion (GESI) in PM

3. Session on Business Leadership

Module 1: Self-management and Leadership Development

Module 2: Positive and High Performing-Team Building

Module 3: Communication and Presentation Skills for Professionals

Module 4: Situational Leadership in Working Environments

Module 5: Leadership through Digital Transformation

4. Study visit

Gain insight from the study visits from the leading organization in Thailand.

Guided to social and cultural programs.

Target Audience

HR Personnel

HR Manager


Organization Leader

Remark: Tuition fee includes room and board, training materials, airport transfers, transportation, and cultural programs

Registration Fee (Incl. room and board, training materials, airport transfers, transportation, and cultural programs)

USD 1,800 (with 6 nights accommodation in AIT Conference Center (AITCC), check-in 15 Oct and check out 21 Oct)

USD 1,450 (without accommodation required)

For more information pls. contact Ms. Thaniya Jirasathitpornpong, Course Coordinator at or tel: +662 5245312


รอบ วันอบรม เวลา สถานที่
1 จันทร์ที่ 16 ต.ค. 2023 - ศุกร์ที่ 20 ต.ค. 2023 09:00 - 16:00 น. Asian Institute of Technology



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  • ชื่อผู้ติดต่อ: Thaniya Jirasathitpornpong
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  • เบอร์โทรอื่นๆ: 025245312
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